Wednesday, April 23, 2008



We visited Tokyo Disneyland after many years. They are what we bought for souvenir. I wonder if it's okay for 12-year old boy, my son, to still want these cute stuff. But Nimo is really cute.


Thursday, April 17, 2008



Chocolate we bought in Soeul just because its package looked interesting. As we don't understand Hangeul, we never knew what it was, and a shop lady who was supposed to speak Japanese only repeated, "It's chocolate." Well, it's like marble chocolate shaped in stone. I was anxious if reddish one has hot pepper in it, but it's as sweet as other ones.


Thursday, April 10, 2008



We went to South Korea on April 3 through 6. Main event in this trip is to participate a tour to Panmunjeon. In this place, familiar on the movie JSA, the other side of the buildings is North Korea and the front side, South Korea. Magnificent building in the other side belongs to North Korea.


A guarding South Korean soldier. Each one of them is young and handsome. Distant landscape is a propaganda village in North Korea.

A bridge of no return. Once a prisoner of war decided to go north or south, he could never return to the other side.

We tried rice porridge on the second day for a breakfast. We can make an order in Japanese and I guess they changed the taste more favorable for the most Japanese. It was so good that we went there again next morning.

Museum originally buit by Japan as a jail. It now exhibits how the Japanese treated Korean resistance, inmates. In contrast to the painful exhibition, cherry blossomes are about to bloom.

Massive war museum. You can see Korea spent a lot of money on it. If you rent an audio assisting machine, you can listen Korean/Japanese/English/Chinese explanation. I was convinced here that the war is not yet ended in Korea.

When my daughter exclaimed, "Squirrel!" I wondered how could be, because we are in front of a crossing, and it was actually a big mouse. And it was so audacious that it didn't run away even when I walked closer to it with a camera.
For lunch on the second day, we had no choice but sushi. Its color is slightly different from sushi in Japan, but it was very delicious. No matter what we ordered, we always had a bunch of kimuchi, Korean pickle, as a side dish.

Our last snack in Soeul were Krispy Donuts. Even now we have to line for two hours to buy them in Tokyo, but here we only waited only a few minutes to eat. They were good.

Our last supper at Gimpo International Air Port was Chijimi, Korean savory pancake with seafood. It tasted like Okinawan pancake and was so good.